5 Attributes of Horrible Managers

The definition of a manager or boss is someone who hires, gives directions, and is in charge of a group of workers they oversee. They should lead by example, treat everyone like an important part of the company, and motivate employees to do their best. Not all managers do these things effectively, though. They may be described as ruthless, insensitive, and short-tempered. We all fear the day we get a really bad boss, because you never know what they might do to make your life more difficult.

Mean Boss in Office

They Take Credit for your Work

You’ll know you have a bad boss if they take credit for your, or someone else’s, work. It happens. They can do it blatantly or while you’re not looking. You send out an idea, work up a proposal, bring in new clients, and all of a sudden your boss takes over. You are muscled out of the deal, the business lunch, or any future promotion. If this has happened to you frequently, you probably already know that this can quickly eliminate your motivation to do great work, since you won’t get credit for it.

Their Emotions are Out of Control

An emotional boss can be happy and receptive one day, and grumpy and insulting the next. You never know what the work day will be like. They could be impassive too. If the boss doesn’t care, then why bother? A moody boss can lead to nervous and frustrated employees, which is seldom good.

They Meddle, Blame, & Threaten

Being a boss can give some people an inflated sense of power. A horrible boss will abuse this authority in the form of intimidation and bullying. No one wants a boss hovering over their shoulder while they work. No one wants to be accused of doing something wrong. No one wants to feel like their job is on the line every day. This simply comes down to respect, and when a boss doesn’t respect their employees, it can sow a nasty seed of discontent within the company.

They Lack Leadership

Some poor supervisors can be nice people but not very good leaders. Small businesses are more likely to promote someone who has delivered results in their role as a subordinate but may not possess the necessary skills to manage others. A potentially good boss can be bad because of a lack of experience. They don’t have goals for the company or they don’t communicate. They are not qualified for the job but continue to polish their name plate and expect everyone else to do the work.

They Completely Ignore You

A horrible manager never gives a performance review or any kind of feedback. They don’t acknowledge your presence or listen to your ideas. They only concentrate on what makes them look good, failing to recognize the needs of their employees. A company with this kind of boss fails to cultivate their employees’ potential and mediocrity, at best, settles in.

What Else Can You Do

You can continue to tough it out and hope your boss retires or moves on to another position. You can completely immerse yourself in work and focus on improving your skills. Remind yourself every day that you and your colleagues are important for the company to succeed. You should feel valued and included. You deserve respect, and if a company-wide complaint is initiated against the boss maybe things will change. If not, you can be on the lookout for a better job.

Mike Mann is the founder of numerous successful companies and charities. His focus is on generating profits and channeling them to charitable causes. For more of Mike’s tips on creating successful businesses and using them to make the world a better place, download his book, MakeMillions.Com or tune back in to the blog for new stuff weekly.