Purchase Make Millions: The Business Book That Teaches To Give Back

Finally, there’s a business book about making money and giving back. It’s a guidebook for doing well in business so you can better serve society, written by someone who has proven that his business and charity models actually work.

In this small business book, Mike Mann has codified key principles to blazing your own path to success, with the goal in mind of giving back to the community. By channeling into your philanthropic causes the same entrepreneurial spirit that drives prospering businesses, you too can direct money, resources and volunteers to organizations and programs that help make the world a better place.

The secret to Mike Mann’s success in his many charitable causes has been the same formula that has made him a leader in the online marketing and business worlds. No other entrepreneur book melds the profit-making power of these proven methods with the goal of giving back. Inside, you’ll learn Mike’s powerful philosophies of organization, work and charity, and how they fit together. Understanding these ideas, and the actions that naturally follow from them, you’ll see how making money can be a vehicle to creating the change you want to see in the world.

The proof of Make Millions lies in the success that it has generated for countless businesses and charities the world over. You can make this proven philosophy part of your personal success story by reading this ground-breaking business book right now, and putting into practice the secrets to entrepreneurial and philanthropic success.

“Mike Mann is a driven visionary. He had a unique ability to lead people through the clutter to obtain goals many believed were unobtainable. I strongly recommend that people listen carefully to his vision for the future.”
-Ted Rose, MBA, CPA, President, Rose Financial Services

“Make Millions is a best friend, mentor, internet marketing guru, business template and marketing treasure chest – rolled into an easy to absorb package.”
-Rene Reese, Business Owner