We could all use a few million extra dollars in this economy and I’d like to help.

I founded and help operate, a charity that provides free business services and technologies to other registered nonprofits and promotes social action. Separately, we operate an ambitious charitable fund called Make Change! Trust.

I am able to vigorously pursue this nonprofit work because of the successful business practices that my associates and I apply to our modern corporations including,,, Yield Software, BrowserMedia,  and

In this book, I have documented most of our proven strategies in simple language so you, too, can make millions in your business of choice. Then, given your newfound success, our hope is that you will benefit society by contributing extra time and money to the causes that you favor as we have with and Make Change! Trust.

While the title of this book may make it sound like a get-rich-quick scheme, these methods get real people rich in the real world in any economy—and can for you as well.

Throughout this guide, I will take well-established and proprietary business concepts and explain them in clear language. No single idea can offer you a quick path to wealth, but considered as a whole, these methods will truly empower you to go out into your chosen marketplace and “make millions.” The more good ideas that you employ simultaneously, the more overall efficiency and financial benefit will result.

This book focuses on high-growth, small business theory with particular emphasis on modern technologies and marketing. We feel these areas are often shortchanged in business academia but still offer the most opportunity for small businesses.

Make Millions is a living document that can serve as your raw code to “get rich and serve the world.” It will be most effective if you are adding to it constantly, fine-tuning the elements that work best for you and eliminating those that don’t.

Whether you want to take on global industries or just improve your corner store, this book provides many profitable strategies for any business. The value of this information also applies directly to nonprofits.

There is no reason to accept my ideas as gospel. Simply use the ones that you favor along with the other Best Practices that you adopt in your business life. In this way, you and your team will have instant access to the optimal methods of conducting your business.

Good business methodology does not need to be reinvented every day, just improved upon.

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