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Know when it’s Time to Cut Your Losses and Quit Your Job

Most of us go through times when we don’t love our jobs. Perhaps it is a stressful time at work, or in our personal life, and it just isn’t enjoyable anymore. But what if these periods of time go on and on? How long do you stick it out? It can be tough to know when you are just in a bit of a funk or if you are in the wrong career.

Quitting a job can be scary. In reality, many people stay in jobs they hate just because they like the security and comfort. Starting a new career can be a risk, but it can also be far better than spending your life in a job you hate.

Swift Exit

If you feel like you are in a bit of a funk and it has lasted for quite a while, it is time to decide if it is just a phase or if you need to kiss your current job goodbye. Although quitting is frightening, it can have its rewards if you find a new job you can love. Here are a few things to consider before putting in your two weeks.


Signs it is Time to Quit

You Don’t Want Your Boss’s Job

Ideally, we should all be working toward a promotion. It’s logical to think that if things went well, someday you could hold your boss’s job. If that sounds like a nightmare, quitting is probably a good idea. If you don’t like the job above you, there may not be a reason to stay. If you aren’t interested in what lies ahead, you may be in the wrong career field.

It Hasn’t Improved Over Time

It is not uncommon to have a bad week at work. People can also find their job boring from time to time. However, the problem comes when your feelings of dislike and frustration haven’t gotten better over time. If you have gone months or even years feeling dissatisfied with your job, it’s time to look around for something new.

You Dread Going to Work

Most people would rather spend their day at the golf course or lounging by the pool than at work. However, you shouldn’t absolutely dread going to work every morning. If you are miserable the entire time you are there and jumping for joy when you leave, something has gone horribly wrong.

There have been Major Changes in the Company

Companies often change policies and management. If there have been major changes that affect your position or the values of the company, you may have a legitimate reason to leave. Before you jump ship because there have been a few changes, give it a little time. Change is always hard. If you try it for a little while and give it your best shot, and things still don’t get better, you can start looking for companies that are more in line with your expectations.

If You Quit, What Next?

Don’t Burn Bridges

So, you’ve decided to bite the bullet and quit. Even if you are fed up with the job and hate your boss, quit with a little dignity. Yelling and telling your boss their every fault isn’t going to help anyone. Don’t burn bridges. You just may need your boss for a letter of recommendation or as a reference. You may even need or want to come back some day.

Have Somewhere to Go

Quitting your job can be a risk to your financial life. If you decide to quit, have a plan. This isn’t the time for rash actions. The plan may not be totally solid, but you should have an idea of what you are doing next. Best case scenario, you will have another job lined up to start immediately. But, if that is not the case, you should have some idea of how you are going to replace the job before your savings run out.

Mike Mann is the founder of numerous successful companies and charities. His focus is on generating profits and channeling them to charitable causes. For more of Mike’s tips on creating successful businesses and using them to make the world a better place, download his book, MakeMillions.Com or tune back in to the blog for new stuff weekly.

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5 Attributes of Horrible Managers

The definition of a manager or boss is someone who hires, gives directions, and is in charge of a group of workers they oversee. They should lead by example, treat everyone like an important part of the company, and motivate employees to do their best. Not all managers do these things effectively, though. They may be described as ruthless, insensitive, and short-tempered. We all fear the day we get a really bad boss, because you never know what they might do to make your life more difficult.

Mean Boss in Office

They Take Credit for your Work

You’ll know you have a bad boss if they take credit for your, or someone else’s, work. It happens. They can do it blatantly or while you’re not looking. You send out an idea, work up a proposal, bring in new clients, and all of a sudden your boss takes over. You are muscled out of the deal, the business lunch, or any future promotion. If this has happened to you frequently, you probably already know that this can quickly eliminate your motivation to do great work, since you won’t get credit for it.

Their Emotions are Out of Control

An emotional boss can be happy and receptive one day, and grumpy and insulting the next. You never know what the work day will be like. They could be impassive too. If the boss doesn’t care, then why bother? A moody boss can lead to nervous and frustrated employees, which is seldom good.

They Meddle, Blame, & Threaten

Being a boss can give some people an inflated sense of power. A horrible boss will abuse this authority in the form of intimidation and bullying. No one wants a boss hovering over their shoulder while they work. No one wants to be accused of doing something wrong. No one wants to feel like their job is on the line every day. This simply comes down to respect, and when a boss doesn’t respect their employees, it can sow a nasty seed of discontent within the company.

They Lack Leadership

Some poor supervisors can be nice people but not very good leaders. Small businesses are more likely to promote someone who has delivered results in their role as a subordinate but may not possess the necessary skills to manage others. A potentially good boss can be bad because of a lack of experience. They don’t have goals for the company or they don’t communicate. They are not qualified for the job but continue to polish their name plate and expect everyone else to do the work.

They Completely Ignore You

A horrible manager never gives a performance review or any kind of feedback. They don’t acknowledge your presence or listen to your ideas. They only concentrate on what makes them look good, failing to recognize the needs of their employees. A company with this kind of boss fails to cultivate their employees’ potential and mediocrity, at best, settles in.

What Else Can You Do

You can continue to tough it out and hope your boss retires or moves on to another position. You can completely immerse yourself in work and focus on improving your skills. Remind yourself every day that you and your colleagues are important for the company to succeed. You should feel valued and included. You deserve respect, and if a company-wide complaint is initiated against the boss maybe things will change. If not, you can be on the lookout for a better job.

Mike Mann is the founder of numerous successful companies and charities. His focus is on generating profits and channeling them to charitable causes. For more of Mike’s tips on creating successful businesses and using them to make the world a better place, download his book, MakeMillions.Com or tune back in to the blog for new stuff weekly.

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The Most In-Demand Degrees for Business

A lot of entrepreneurs are discounting the value of college, and they have a lot of good points. But not all degrees are created equal, so it’s natural that some graduates are going to walk away wondering what their diploma is worth. Still, certain degrees give you skills and qualifications that business need badly.

Picking a degree program is an important step on your path to success, and you should select it with care. Degrees tend to fall in and out of favor for all types of organizations as business needs and trends cycle through.

Welcome To The Future Green Road Sign

However, there are some degrees that have been in demand for quite a while, and the need for these majors is likely to remain steady or possibly increase in the future.


This may be the strongest candidate for the most in-demand degree in the United States. A significantly smaller number of students major in engineering here than in countries, such as Japan, India or China, despite the high demand. Although companies need engineering majors, there are two areas that top the rest:

  • Electrical Engineers: Qualified engineers, especially those with a degree that surpasses the bachelor level, are in high demand because of the impact electrical engineering has on nearly every other type of engineering. This can range from petroleum refinery equipment to computer and mobile device design. With the amount of electronics we use to run our lives, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people with this degree are a prized asset.
  • Computer Engineers: The demand for this degree is due to an increase in wireless technology, information security and data processing in just about every sector of the economy. Computers are now essential to most businesses, and this dependency has led to a greater need for people with the right skills and training to help design all sorts of connected devices, from smartphones to internet-connected mining equipment and more.

Computer Science

Notice any trend in demand for science degrees? Not only are computer science majors much sought-after by all businesses, but this degree offers a lot of flexibility in job choice due to the ubiquity of demand across all industries.

Graduates in this field have the option to work for large financial firms, software companies, healthcare organizations and other firms to whom harnessing data is increasingly essential. Fields such as animation and graphics, scientific research, marketing and many others are hungry for individuals that can help them manage their existing technology and build tools to get things done. Computer science students are taught to use creative thinking and engage in problem solving, which are two very desirable qualities in an employee.


 Employment opportunities for accountants, from 2010 to 2020, are anticipated to grow by 16 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is expected to be especially concentrated in international finance as a result of the growth of businesses globalization. Since accounting students are required to learn about every feature of a company’s finances, the skills they acquire can easily be transferred to help their employers achieve goals for investment, budgeting and regulatory compliance. Possible careers for graduates with an accounting degree include financial managers, bookkeepers and budget analysts.

Business Administration

This skills gained through this degree program can be implemented in many different industries and can either be used to gain specialized expertise in areas such as human resources, or broad range knowledge that includes all aspects of a business. If you have a specialization in a field such as finance or computer information systems, an MBA can position you for critical administrative roles where you’ll need the business acumen as well as the technical knowledge from your bachelor’s.


The effects of globalization and information sharing have impacted the prospects for many graduates, including communication majors. Specializations in the areas of public relations and advertising, as well as new media studies are some of the top degree required by employers. Marketing with an emphasis on social media is a possibility for these graduates in addition to media relations and writing.

Written and verbal communication skills are needed by almost any business, which gives these graduates the opportunity to contribute in many different fields. These days, you also need to be savvy in online marketing, social media and web analytics to measure the effects of your various communications and plan for the future.

Graphic Design

Visual communication is another area where businesses really need qualified people. Graphic designers use their creativity to produce visual concepts that can be used for many purposes including advertising, design services, public relations, publishing, and web design among others. Designers can help a business distinguish itself and create brand awareness.

The most in-demand degrees at this time are focused in several areas such as math and science, as well as art and communication. Although a broad major, such as communication, can be useful for employment purposes it is wise to focus on a specialty within your major. This will give you a specific skill set that you can use to market yourself to potential employers in addition to more generalized abilities.

Mike Mann, social activist and serial entrepreneur, is the author of MakeMillions.Com, a business book focused on making money in small business in order to better serve society. Read or download the book today for insight on his philosophy on wedding entrepreneurship and charitable goals.

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