Why So Many Millennials are Becoming Entrepreneurs

Generation Y is entering the traditional work force with unconventional expectations. Instead of finding satisfaction with the typical 9-to-5 routine, they are either looking to start their own businesses or molding the corporate world to fit their demands. They’re not happy with the status quo, so they’re making their own way. This sudden surge in…

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3 Things You Should Never Say in a Meeting

If you are very familiar with my work and the principles I teach, you know that I believe the primary motivation for making lots of money in high paying jobs and entrepreneurial endeavors should be based on the desire to make the world a better place to live in. Those who make money without any…

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What’s Your Working Style: 4 Unique Styles

Anyone who’s paying attention to what’s going on in their company, either at a department level or companywide, knows that there are a few key people who make things work. You’ve probably noticed this on your own team; people have different work styles and some are more important to the team than others. But the truth is…

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