Be a Success

In 1999, Stanford graduate Charles Brewer, founder of the Internet provider MindSpring, attributed his success to “honesty, integrity, frugality and adherence to the Golden Rule to be friendly, courteous, fair and compassionate – Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”

Creating and maintaining core values as Brewer has is essential to having the most cohesive organization and trustworthy brand. Moreover, expressing your values openly with your employees creates a sense of security, and this in turn will truly make your company more secure.

Avoid blaming external forces or people for problems that are in your own best interest to solve, irrespective of how they emerged. Blaming the economy will never help you, nor will blaming the government, a political party, your mom, your teachers, your competitors, your genetic code, your community, or your boss.

Even if it is ostensibly true, claiming you have had bad luck or that others are at fault for your issues will never help you achieve a winning attitude for the future.

The world offers an enormous and ever-expanding global economy; all you need is a minuscule piece of that economy to succeed or a slightly larger slice of your local economy.

Nobody and nothing can stop you from getting your fair market share if you maintain a long term focused effort. Therefore, if you happen to be out of work or aren’t earning enough and you think there is an external force to blame, then at the very least, you should be proactively working to change that force every day, as opposed to complaining about it.

Very few people who start a business from scratch and succeed can attribute their success to luck. Of course, a small portion of society is born into a family business or is undeservedly promoted in a big company, which is a small barrier for competitors. Overall, successful people are those who are focused on proactively performing clear goals, at the highest level, for the most hours, over the longest duration.

The good news is if you want to be wealthy, you should take to heart that all the other rich people who surround you have 99.9% the same DNA as you. The difference is not in their genes or in their luck: they just chose to succeed in business and proceeded accordingly.

Don’t get lost with intangible plans and tasks. Instead, stay focused on tangible long-term goals, while understanding what’s truly happening around you minute-by-minute, and how you can positively affect it.

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