Every business has a chance to succeed. Yet only 50% make it through their first year, and only 10% see beyond their fifth anniversary. These businesses cite hundreds of reasons why they’ve failed. In most cases, however, the simple truth is that management made fundamental mistakes.

To reduce the risk of wasting time and money, make sure you have sound business plans and a willingness to put in years of hard work. Invest in the best people, including a team of professionals, to help guide you. Adopt the Best Practices of industry leaders and improve on them daily. Be innovative and have customer-centric values. Stay focused at all times. Learn from the blips in your progress; don’t let them derail you. Take two leaps forward for every one step back. Make more sales calls and close a higher percentage of them every day.

Finally, when your business is successful and you have made your millions, take the time to give back to your community and the world by engaging in the charitable causes that mean the most to you.

We hope that some of the ideas presented in this document will help you build the business of your dreams and that you will become a catalyst for positive social change. Go for it!