Oh, Oh, Domino

To illustrate the main points made in this chapter, let’s take a look at a real-life example of a company that rose to the top of the evolutionary business ladder, Domino’s Pizza.

There are good reasons why Domino’s is the leader in the pizza delivery industry. At one time, they were no different from the pizza shop around the corner or all the other little pizza shops in the country. But something propelled them to extreme riches and success.

Certainly, their pizza is not the best in the world. Domino’s made it big because they wanted something more than the rest and they believed they could get it. The mom-and-pop pizza shops were not primarily concerned with corporate growth or personal riches.

Domino has worked the hardest and smartest. They hired the best help for their purposes, tested many different ideas, paid attention to all of the details, and used great accountants, lawyers, and marketing experts to grow safely and effectively. They chose to succeed at something bigger.

Domino’s domination is the result of natural selection. The combination of fast, professional, and efficient services, combined with good pricing and food good enough to satisfy their target market, allowed them to win the evolutionary competition in the modern pizza industry.

Likewise, you can apply all of these theories to your own business, no matter what its size or offerings. Every company is a work in progress and it’s up to you to pave the way to a leadership position in your service area. You can become the Domino’s of your own niche if you choose.

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