In your early years, you could attempt to have a relatively hectic lifestyle in order to earn more money and equity, to save up for a more relaxed lifestyle down the road. It is natural for younger, single people to decide to endure more risk and higher work-related stress for rewards that are potentially far in the future.

While you must earn enough to pay for your family’s home, food, clothing, education, and healthcare, most additional purchases are discretionary.

It is up to you if you really want to compete at the highest levels and acquire more discretionary income, or if you would be content with having a “good job” and a relatively relaxed lifestyle. Regardless of the path you choose, only you can surmise which balance is most appropriate for your own family’s needs.

We believe that it is more profitable to compress as much labor as possible into a shortened timeline to thereby create the maximum efficiency and overwhelm your market. Working more may not necessarily be better for you personally, but it is more profitable than a slower evolving business. For us, the main point in maximizing one’s discretionary income is to apply this leverage to charitable works and to spend more retirement time with your family on the beach, or on your own dream of choice.

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