But be Decisive while Hedging

People become paralyzed with decision-making because of the risk involved. But if you approach opportunities with good information, and therefore, know the approximate risk of each decision, then you need not hesitate.

If you are in business, then you are in the business of taking calculated risks. Make sure you understand the key risks and opportunities on each possible deal. If you do proper research, your hedged bets will have a greater than average chance of working out in your favor, proving you have safely spread your risk.

Naturally, when you do this “better-than-average” research, you will have a “better-than-average” chance of profiting more than your less studied, wannabe competitors will.

However, if you have only one asset in your portfolio, you’d be at a greater risk of that sole deal failing. Hedging will prevent wild swings, either up or down, in your overall net worth.

Those who hesitate, become scared, or feel paralyzed, will lose the best and most time-sensitive opportunities at hand, including compounding growth early. Typical industry deal leaders will keep pushing on through to the next big thing as expected.

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